Friends and Customers Bikes




This is our opportunity to showcase some of our friends, their bikes, and some of our customers, and their bikes... some of which we are partially, or totally responsible for.



At Left you will meet the likes of “Jimmer,” (and Olive Oyl ridin’ shotgun) who, single-handedly, is responsible for this website, and getting me to actually use a computer. (Personal Note from “Jimmer:” Tom was single-handedly responsible for getting me “ridin!” Thanks Pal!)










Also you may recognize "Rosco" a local brother of ours, and biker "cult hero" who has been featured in Cycle World, HD’s web site, the cover of International magazines, such as "Real Biker" (Japanese mag), and seen on TV's Sturgis and Daytona segments, being interviewed about his 1933 VLD Harley.







Rosco has also been featured in the "Harley People" book, and has a worldwide reputation for riding his '33 VLD including his trip from Michigan to Sturgis, and on to touring Wyoming and parts beyond... for a 3800 mile trip. Rosco claims he made the whole trip, and never even checked his spark plugs!!  Recently Rosco did very well riding a 1939 WLDR that we custom built just for racing in the AHRMA races in Daytona. See our racing page for more information.











My claim to fame is that we rebuilt his highly modified 80" stroker flathead motor, a week before he left... and he rode without incident.











The purpose of this page is to emphasize, that one need not fear riding a properly prepared VL, and can reliably go many, many miles. People generally have a "pre-conceived" misconception that, a "total loss" oil system is not road worthy ............. WRONG!  In the 30s people made the first distance, and coast to coast records, riding them.















 Any "mechanically inclined" person can get to know a vintage bike, and ride it to far away places. We hope you enjoy the pictures of our friends and us doing just that!

The classic beauty on the right belongs to Pigbait.



















We hope you’ve enjoyed our friends and bikes page. Thanks for taking the time to “ride” with us.