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New Old Stock Parts & Manufacturer of Quality Replacement Parts For Antique Harley-Davidson & other American Motorcycles

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Lori Faber 616-293-4810 - Order Parts here 

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Faber Cycle

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Work Information


We have a complete Machine Shop and fabrication facilities, to provide you with the fabrication or repair of any part you might need for your restoration. We do not offer restoration services, but we do rebuild JD, and flathead motors 45" 74" and 80", and transmissions for Harley and Indian motorcycles. We also offer performance work for those models, (big intake valves, oversize intake ports, performance cams), as well as "stroker conversions" etc. We have a reputation for building antique motors that are ridden hard and long.....

Key Specialties

We manufacture 1910 through 1948 OEM style handlebars. We specialize in VL & WL flathead parts and are now manufacturing 1936-1948 in-line and offset Springer handlebars, ALL AMERICAN MADE!  Also Faber Cycle has reproduced the original "Flanders" bobber bars, and soon to follow will be "Stelling and Hellings" bars coming soon!

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Biographical Information

We have been in the tool & die business for 24 years, starting an apprenticeship working for a military contractor and later as a Journeyman machine builder and owner of a successful die shop with 20 employees, supplying parts & tooling to the automotive industry. We have now specialized in manufacturing quality parts that fit & look correct for antique motorcycles. Made in USA, we spend the extra time & money on better materials, for better parts, for those spending thousands of dollars restoring their antique motorcycle.

We want to emphasize that buying parts made in the USA should be more important to you NOW than ever........isn't that why there is a mystique about the antique Harley, or Indian? And that is what caused you to want one in the beginning?  Sure, we sell some import items here and there, because we buy inventories that have to be liquidated. However, our goal is to provide as much genuine American iron as we can! Please check out our "Period Accessories" section to see the largest selection of genuine period aftermarket accessories available anywhere!

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