Period Accessories



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Faber Cycle has purchased the entire remaining inventory of the Chicago Motorcycle Supply Company's colored plastic kicker pedals, and matching grips.

Earlier this year, we also obtained the rights to the company name of, Chicago Motorcycle Supply, which is now an LLC registered, and licensed in the State of Michigan.

We also purchased the original injection mold tooling for the further production of new grips, which is done here in West Michigan. We don't really like to refer to the grips we produce as "reproduction", because they are made on the original molds. In the automotive industry, this is referred to as "service contract parts" ...and they are still considered to be "genuine GM" or "genuine Ford" etc. Chicago Motorcycle Supply was born in 1939, and continued to make quality parts and accessories through the 50s. The company is now actively up and running again, and, the bulk of what inventory they produced, now resides here on our shelves.

We also have a large supply of "Nation-Bilt" accessories. Originally known as "The Nation's Cycle Center" ...the company is now known as "National Cycle" and produces quality motorcycle windshields, and no longer produces such "goodies" as they offered in the 40s and 50s. Another supplier we have parts available from, is Superior Motorcycle Accessories, of which we have an unparalleled inventory of "period exhaust".


Some of the accessories we offer on this page are reproduced by Faber Cycle, and are all made from original samples, and made in our facility, here, in the USA.


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