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"The difficult we can do... the impossible just takes a little longer!"


"Do you know the secret of the steel, boy?? ...but, of course you do"............


Repair usually entails the "spreading of molten metal," I have been endowed with the ability to do that.


20 years ago when I worked at a Tool & Die company which supplied HUGE stamping dies... I made the mistake of helping a co-worker save a big "form station" by properly welding it, and "grinding it in" ...thus "saving the day" with a 1/4 million dollar job. When the owners found out, I was "deemed" as the official company repair welder (a raise would have been sufficient!)  My days were then spent fixing die-makers screw-ups. This horrified me, because I was a journeyman machine builder... and it wasn't a union shop, so I was stuck with it. The benefit was big, because it rounded out my welding skills, and made me look forward to the day when I could work on something that actually "mattered" to me.



Here are the services we offer:


*      Antique Cylinder/head fin restoration.

*      Antique motor case welding and machining.

*      Antique handlebar straightening & reclaiming

*      Early frame and fork repair (1900-1920)

*      Repair brazing and welding




Please note... I will not weld up your shovelhead cylinders, or other common items, that you can buy replacements for... this service is reserved for the "irreplaceable parts"


Some typical examples are shown below.




(Click on picture to enlarge)


These pictures are before and after of an "OHV 1926 BA" motor cylinder.



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